Axis Residents Association



The Policies of The Axis Residents Association;



1. To create a first point of contact for the Residents regarding the management of The Axis providing Residents

with a single voice, to represent their views and make sure they are heard.


2. To work with the appointed management company, negotiate with contractors and suppliers ensuring the

best prices are achieved without compromising on the quality of work. 


3. Keeping the Axis maintained to a high level of cleanliness, ensuring properties achieve the potential management property value for the local area.


4. Improving the 24 hour security and impliment where possible a cohesive contract service.


5. Cooperate with the appointed management company to manage the concierge service, looking at ways to

minimise costs, whilst identifying methods of improving the level of service that is offered to the Residents.


6. Make sure that Health and Safety laws are adheared to, and practised by all contractors working at

The Axis Development.


7. Impliment where possible the latest green policies from the government in addition, review the options for

lowering The Axis carbon footprint and improving recycling on-site.


8. Improving the community spirit amongst Residents, working together to make The Axis a better place to live,

through reducing noise pollution and addressing anti-social behaviour.