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All apartments are privately owned

Holly Court (Key Workers) / Housing Association
are any of these apartments with the council as i want to down size
fab website,
can be used by residents, visitors and tourists...great balance of information and advertising
every success
Great website lots of very useful links and information
brilliant website , a lot of time and effort has gone into setting this up and me and my wife would like to thank you for all your ongoing help its first class.
I would also like to be part of the residents forum so i will do the same as axis man.
thanks again and keep up the good work.
Kims (ironing/laundry) service did a great job repairing my good leather jacket,
and were very reasonable, recommend residents give them a try.
Thanks for your comment James The ARA's target is to get the best value for money service we can
which should ultimately bring costs such as service / maintenance to an acceptable level.
Great work Ian.

Does this mean we may see a reduction in service charges?
Very Good website, Well done Ian.
A very usefull website my dad told me to check it out
saved me borrowing the sat nav many thanks